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Over the years, through persistent and focused experience, services at our firm became a system. By system, we mean that services are no longer performed subjectively. A book of procedures was developed, paving the way for the birth of a professional and referential structure.

Our deep familiarity with the official rules and regulations governing construction, allows us to lay safe legal foundations for projects without sacrificing the design criteria or diminishing the existing area and location potentials.

Our system of plans and concepts foresees the compliance in execution, not to mention the maximum exploitation of the given.

During the execution phase, and as consultants, we are always present: on site, ensuring proper execution, and in our offices previewing the flow of works and preparing contingency plans to guarantee that all projects are accurately implemented on site.

Pricing is another important aspect of our work, relying on a consistent database that includes brand and supplier lists. This allows us to properly assess and attain each and every task.

The goal of any engineering project is to merge between three aspects: the economic aspect, the practical aspect, and aesthetics.
At Head Engineering, we make sure to achieve all three goals, in addition to balancing between what is allowed and what is desired. Bringing these functions together in an optimized manner has always been a challenge that we have never failed to overcome.

In the course of our profession, we have come to realize that what we believe in is not far from reality: for a premise to come to light in full compliance, it needs continuous follow-up on the administrative level. Therefore we have developed a system of checklists and formulae backed up by a network of connections for a full exploitation of the building rules and regulations. After all, it was made for our benefit.

  • Site selection analysis
  • Conceptual design
  • Graphic design and project presentation
  • Architectural drawings
  • Permit documentations
  • Structural design
  • Execution and detail shop drawings
    1. Architectural
    2. Electro-mechanical
    3. Structural
  • Tender documentation:
    1. Bill of quantities
    2. Selection of materials and determination of specifications
    3. Cost control
  • Daily follow up and supervision, time schedule, bar charts, reports and minutes of meeting
  • Restoration, renovation and interior design execution